• Grocery Marketing: 7 Sneaky Tricks

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    We all know we're being manipulated every time we shop, but it can still be unnerving to see the true extent of mind games being played on us. That's why I was fascinated (and mildly traumatized) to browse through a recent Reddit thread called, “What marketing tricks do we unknowingly fall for?” While not all the respondents are experts in pricing strategy or marketing psychology, many of them experience it on the front lines as both shoppers and retail employees.

    Supermarket companies spend tons of money each year in marketing strategies trying to figure out how to get shoppers to buy more. Using behavioral, social and economic psychology, they discover ways to entice extra purchases – and you may never even know about it.

    Pay attention the next time you go shopping, and keep an eye out for these supermarket marketing strategies not to fall for.

    1. Textured, Rubber Mats – Have you noticed that in some sections of the grocery store (like the produce section), there are strange rubber mats on the ground that are difficult to push your shopping cart across? These mats are there to slow you down – because when you shop at a slower pace, you buy more stuff. Keep your buggy on the tile floor instead of slogging across the mat to beat the trick.

    2. Free Samples – Most humans feel uncomfortable taking something without giving …

    This approach has also all but eliminated the half-off sale. A BOGO ensures most consumers will buy twice as much product as someone enjoying 50 percent off one item. While some retailers quietly allow you to buy one BOGO product and still enjoy the savings (thanks, Publix!), many make it mandatory for you to double up.

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