• Food Preparation: Western Culture Has Left Out This Important Ancient Practice

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    Every food expert on the planet will tell you that the healthiest foods are usually the freshest. But the latest beneficial food group isn’t a bit farm to table—it’s fermented—meaning ingredients like cabbage and cucumbers have been left to sit and steep until their sugars and carbs become bacteria-boosting agents. Fermented and cultured foods are rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.   Plus they’re exceptionally easy to prepare. Learn more about the benefits of fermented food and lactic acid fermentation or check out this post about dairy-free probiotics.

    People have been fermenting their own foods throughout history, from the common sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) of Germany, soy sauce and tempeh (fermented soy beans) of China, to the pickles and yogurts (fermented dairy) of the Middle East. One that is more common to many cultures around the world is kombucha (fermented sparkling tea) and of course the most popular, and potentially the oldest fermented item is wine, which dates back to at least 8000 years ago.

    With cultures across the globe incorporating these fermented foods into their diets for thousands of years it is no surprise that these foods contain an array of very important health benefits for us. Fermenting our own foods is a practice that has almost been completely lost in Western culture. Most westerners don’t even eat fermented foods and wouldn’t even consider making their own. Now, it is time to bring back and re-introduce the fermented foods, …

    Some ferments, mostly with those dealing with vegetables, require salt. I made the mistake of not using really finely ground real sea salt once in my sauerkraut. And boy was it nasty! It tasted like cabbage in a salt-lick. I find the best quality of fermented foods I get is when I use really good real sea salt that is coarsely ground. I really like grey sea salt or pink Himalayan salt – they always will produce a great lacto-fermented condiment that I can count on to taste good and be packed full of good minerals.

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