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    According to Victoria’s Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority, 56 per cent of incoming calls to Triple Zero are made from mobile phones. If the caller is unsure of their exact location, it makes it difficult for Triple Zero operators to establish the location. A new ‘Emergency+ app’ helps a person calling Triple Zero (000) identify their location when calling from a mobile phone. The app is a federal government initiative, developed by the national Triple Zero Awareness Working Group, which includes emergency services agencies from the Commonwealth, states and territories. Minister for Police and Emergency Services Kim Wells said that the ‘Emergency+ app' connects users to Triple Zero and utilises smartphone GPS technology to give the user their exact location by longitude and latitude.

    The state of police work in the U.S. continues to be called into question. Due to major budget cutbacks amid a worsening economy, many areas have been left with part-time police and 911 response. And even if available, the wait times can be life threatening.

    Moreover, the police who do show up are often of a completely different mindset than the police of yesteryear. An increasingly militarized police force can show up to an emergency response call as though it is territory to be invaded and occupied. The stories are legion of police killing the owner who called, shooting their pets, or basically laying waste to their home. In fact, the growth of the police state is one of the greatest threats that each of us might encounter as we go about our day-to-day lives.

    People are beginning to look to technology as a possible solution. A new app called …

    The ‘Emergency+ app’ will also help people pick the right emergency number to call for help in emergency and non-emergency situations. Information on other national numbers such as SES and Crime Stoppers will also be available.

    There is also a button for the Police Assistance Line which is for non-emergency matters. Victoria Police do not yet provide this service but a project is underway to investigate the best way to connect Victorians to the police for non-emergency matters. In the meantime, for non-emergency situations, Victorians can contact their local police station.

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