• Broccoli Sprout Beverage reduces the effect of Air Pollution in the Body

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    Broccoli1Air pollution is one big threat to all of us, humans, animals, trees, and other living things, it turns natural rain to acid rain, and when it does it will insinuate right through the soils and alter the chemistry of the dirt, as a result -it will become unsuitable for many living things that rely so much on soil as there breeding ground and source of their nutrition. When Acid rain alters the natural state of the lakes and streams living things under water could be in great danger.
    Adverse chemical reactions related to air pollutants could create a poisonous gas that could potentially destroy people’s health and other living things like different types of vegetation’s, including those that crawls on the ground. Long-term health effects to human can include lung cancer, heart disease, and brain, kidneys, nerves, and liver damage. Any respiratory disease is a result of a continual exposure to air pollution affecting the lungs of the children and may complicate medical conditions to the elderly. These and a lot more signify the danger that we are facing every day when we are expose to this type of pollution. The truth is –it is impossible for us to avoid them, but we can always resort to some natural ways to cleans our inner self from intoxicating elements we get from outside.

    “Air pollution is a complex and pervasive public health problem,” notes John Groopman, PhD, Anna M. Baetjer Professor of Environmental Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and one of the study’s co-authors. “To address this problem comprehensively, in addition to the engineering solutions to reduce regional pollution emissions, we need to translate our basic science into strategies to protect individuals from these exposures. This study supports the development of food-based strategies as part of this overall prevention effort.”
    Air pollution, an increasing global problem, causes as many as seven million deaths a year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, and has in recent years reached perilous levels in many parts of China. Last year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified air pollution and particulate matter (PM) from air pollution as carcinogenic to humans. Diets rich in cruciferous vegetables, of which broccoli is one, have …

    We are always close to getting different kinds of illnesses through air pollution, as you can see we are expose every day to this element. That is why we should always consider food that will help us get rid of different illnesses coming from air pollution.

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