• A Waste Of Money: £3.2 Million GM Potato

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    Another future GM potato is the protein-packed potato developed in India. Researchers in India have created a potato with thirty-five to sixty percent more protein! This potato uses the gene from amaranth seed. This potato would be beneficial to human health in developed and developing countries and help fight malnutrition in India, especially in children. So far, this potato looks promising in my opinion, there were no side effects on rats and rabbits, it doesn’t contain any know allergens and doesn’t contain pesticide.

    Natural Health News — Campaigners have criticised the PR surrounding a new blight resistant GM potato in the UK as unbalanced and have called the potato itself a waste of money.

    Commenting on the GM research trial into blight resistant potatoes, published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, Emma Hockridge, Soil Association head of policy says:

    “This GM field trial further highlights just how far behind GM technology is compared to conventional breeding. A blight resistant potato family of varieties (Sárpo) has already been bred using conventional methods and is commercially available, as are several other varieties of blight resistant potato. The fact that this GM potato variety is still at the field trial stage clearly demonstrates what a failing and old technology this is.”

    “Is anyone really going to grow, sell or buy genetically modified potatoes?” asked Liz O’Neil, director of GM Freeze.

    “The law says that they will have …

    This is the truth about genetically modified foods and GM potatoes and the ethics behind it. What do you think about genetically modified food? The next time you visit the market will you stop and wonder if the fruit or vegetable you pick up contains genetically modified genes? If food was labeled as genetically modified would you still buy it? Do you believe it is your right to know whether your food is genetically modified or not?


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