• 21st Century Health Care: Mercury-Free Dentists—Pioneers and Catalysts

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    Consumers for Dental Choice is grateful to the courageous community of mercury-free dentists, healthcare and service providers, and product manufacturers for their generous support of our mission and goals. Their help is vital to our success in improving the quality of life by making dentistry mercury-free.

    Less than a generation ago, only three percent of dentists were mercury-free. Dentistry's best-kept secret was that amalgam fillings had mercury, a neurotoxin that can permanently injure the developing brains of children and fetuses.

    The secret was enforced by tyrannical dental boards, which threatened to pull the license (the right to practice) of dentists who spoke out — and who did in fact pull mercury-free dentists' licenses in California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, and New York.

    Mercury Undercover

    Despite the progress, we have plenty of work do to. We finish up this, our fourth, Mercury-free Dentistry Week with a documentary by Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya. Mercury Undercover exposes the very real dangers of mercury toxicity, and its connection to amalgam fillings.

    Amalgam, also called “silver fillings,” is in fact a massive consumer fraud. By referring to the color of the compound rather than its content, consumers everywhere have been tricked into placing a …

    The Poison in Your Teeth is vital for women who are planning to have a family and are unsure or skeptical about how these fillings affect them, the fetus, nursing baby and child. Dr. McGuire’s book is a must read for dentists, health professionals, and anyone who wants to have these fillings safely removed, detoxify mercury from the body, and improve their overall health.

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