• Why HPV Vaccines are Highly Discourage in two major Counties?

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    Why HPV Vaccines are Highly Discourage in two major CountiesHPV vaccines are no longer receiving praises in the world of medical research, many of the scientists have declared that the vaccine is not likely to cure but gives additional illnesses. Japan was the first country to notice that HPV vaccines are of no good and harmful for human, this declaration follows after Japanese medical institution found out its adverse effects on their young Japanese women, some Researchers today are reviewing the said vaccine about their effects on human -which have not discovered yet. Many of young women around the world have already vaccinate with HPV and the adverse effect is said to be traumatized. They suffered enfeebling side effects while others have died, after being vaccinated. Many of these families have recalled these events in almost the same manner and time.

    The second country to seriously notice its harmful effects is France, after Japan cautiously hid its citizen about the serious illness brought by HPV vaccines, the government presented its evidences to France, and was convince by the overwhelming evidences, from there –France has turns aggressive against HPV and declare its support on preventing the vaccine be disseminated around the country and threatens the lives of its citizen. These two countries are considering these adverse effects on a serious note, efforts had been made by other countries as well about these findings and the progress is still overwhelming.

    One of the most important actions taken by the Japanese government as a result of that symposium, according to the Los Angeles CityWatch, is that Japanese medical institutions are now required by law to inform young girls or their parents that the government does not recommend the vaccines any longer because of their associated adverse effects. [1] [CJF emphasis added. Shouldn’t EVERY health agency and government on the face of the globe do that too?]

    As a result of the scientific work presented during the Japanese symposium, medical researchers in France apparently think there is enough scientific information to take initiatives to deal with similar problems in French girls receiving HPV vaccines. As Norma Erickson, President of SaneVax says, “The French government is not only listening to vaccine victims, safety advocates and scientists – they are sponsoring open scientific debates. Open scientific debates must occur in every country in the world,” …

    This issue is so serious, people are dying, suffering from the side effects of HPV vaccines in their bodies. They could have prevented it if the people are well informed about the said vaccine. I believe we should stop debating about the disadvantages and advantages of the vaccine and go straight to the problem! The test that was made by the Japanese experts, the young women around the world –suffering from it. These are the ones we should be dealing first, know the cause of the problem and develop a cure or preventive measures.

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