• Pre-Framed Debate: Political Scene Drags Vaccine

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    In the most intense barrage of propaganda regarding vaccination yet, Hillary Clinton has fired the latest salvo in the battle against those who have made the decision not to vaccinate themselves or their children. Indeed, the battle being waged now seems to be more about the freedom to make that decision than it is about the science of vaccines.

    On February 3rd 2015, Hillary Clinton took to social media to blast “anti-vaxxers” and those who she obviously views as science-deniers. Clinton's tweet aimed at those who question the safety or effectiveness of vaccines came on the heels of President Barack Obama's statement that vaccines are good for children.

    Clinton tweeted:

    Clinton's Tweet also came shortly after Senator Rand Paul was raked over the coals for daring to suggest that parents “have some input” on whether or not their children are vaccinated. Paul also hinted that he believes vaccines are capable of producing adverse side effects like brain damage in children.

    Paul was immediately treated as a “science-denier” and an extremist by suggesting parents should have the freedom to opt out.

    While Clinton's tweet puts her in the pro-vaccine camp along with Barack Obama, it is interesting to note that Presidential hopeful Clinton in 2015 is at odds with Presidential hopeful Clinton in 2008.

    Indeed, in 2008 Clinton stated to a campaign trail audience that she “was committed to determining ‘what, if any, kind of link there is between vaccines and autism.'”

    Clinton made no mention of what caused this abrupt 180 degree change of opinion regarding vaccines. Yet there is little doubt that, at least today, Clinton is in full support of childhood vaccination. Although Clinton did not state specifically whether or not she believes a parent has the right to choose to opt out or not, given the manner in which the mainstream media has framed the debate and painted those who indicate that parents should have that right as villains, one would be justified in assuming that she does not. This is because Clinton was not subjected to the abuse that Rand Paul and Chris Christie were.

    While the debate seems to be centered on the question of choice, rather than the question of safety or effectiveness, the science is most certainly not clear in proving the case for vaccines. Indeed, most independent studies of vaccination have much less favorable results than studies funded by the industry. In fact, those studies which have demonstrated that vaccines are safe or effective, have been proven to be the result of rigged procedures.

    Yet, you may debate the merits of vaccination all you want. You can deem vaccines safe and effective. You can deem them God's gift to humanity. You can vaccinate yourself and your children. In fact, you can take a million shots of mercury or aluminum or whatever else you want if you choose. I really couldn't care less.

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