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    Waking up each day hoping for a stress free life could be a choice, yet we still can’t help it. No matter how we choose to live a life of an instant “snap”, stress is inevitable. It can cause fatigue and upsets the usual balance of our body, making us uncomfortable. With every climate change, unpredictable weather, people are exposed to stress causing allergies. Most of the time the more we try to stay away from getting allergies, the more we will expect to have it. Even if we want to escape a stressful situation, allergic flare-ups are threatened.

    In a small sample study, researchers followed 179 people with hay fever for a 12-week period. They found that 39% of the patients had more than one flare-up over that time. Participants who reported higher stress levels had more flare-ups than those who didn’t exhibit allergy symptoms throughout the study.

    Out of the participants with high stress levels, 64% experienced more than four flare-ups in two 14-day periods. (It’s interesting to note that flare-ups were not apparent during the stressful period, but appeared in the days following the high-stress situation.)

    What could be a good way to combat allergies? Reducing stress does lead to less intense flare-ups, which would be a good way to counteract. It is a bit of comfort to know that less stress can be a determinant of the severity of the allergies that would occur. Stress can cause allergies, allergies can cause stress, and it goes on and on.

    There is not much we can do to avoid allergens. We are exposed to it every day and everywhere we go, we cannot escape it.
    But you can choose to control the stress in your life to limit the severity of allergic reactions.

    Controlling stress is easier said than done, but it can be. Stress relief methods such as meditation and deep breathing, exercise, a balance diet, enough sleep, creating healthy relationships, having an active lifestyle, and taking time to laugh and relax from all of life’s back log__ could be an allergy relief as well.

    Laughter is the best medicine, free of charge. Let’s choose to be happy and have stress- free life. Do not let allergies destroy your day. Laugh out loud— laugh a little, it matters. It’s a remedy!

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