• For Every Three Produced, One Bottle’s Worth Of Water Is Wasted

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    Water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and makes up over 60% of the human body.  Water pollution affects marine ecosystems, wildlife health, and human well-being.  The answer to solving pollution is to make changes in our daily habits and pay more attention to the types of products we consume.

    The International Bottled Water Association is trumpeting the results of a new study that shows the industry uses, on average 1.39 liters of water to produce every one liter of finished bottled water. That rate of water use, it notes, is the best among bottled beverages.

    But thought of another way, that means more than one bottle's worth of water is wasted for every three produced. Imagine dumping one glass of water for every three you pour from the tap. Does that sound like efficient use of resources? (Wasting one in four bottle's worth of water is the rate for producing individual-sized servings of bottled water; for the bigger home and office-sized water bottles, the waste is worse, with about two-thirds of a bottle wasted for every one produced.)

    There are times and places when bottled water is essential. On the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy's landfall in the Northeast, many of our …

    Water pollution has been extensively documented as a contributor to health problems in humans and marine animal ecosystems.  It has a huge impact on our lives, and if we do our part by not throwing trash or chemicals into our water supplies and drains, we can contribute to the improvement of aquatic life and of our health in general.



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