• Chemical Cocktails: The Rising Tide

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    Those interested in the food war, personal responsibility, government regulation, and other issues should be interested in the new Federalist No. 86 series by Publius MMX. Although many other issues are discussed, food production, food freedom, and agriculture are central themes of all three books.

    In 1962, American biologist Rachel Carson wrote the groundbreaking book Silent Spring, in which she warned of the devastating environmental impacts of DDT. It was among the first times the chemical industry had been openly criticized and brought the impacts of environmental pollution to the forefront of society.

    “Little is known about the potential interactive effects… that may occur from complex mixtures of OWCs [organic wastewater contaminants] in the environment,” the researchers noted, and this is still very much true today.

    Prescription Drugs, Pesticides, Caffeine, and More

    When researchers tested the water of the Zumbro River in Minnesota, they found a wide variety of contaminants:

    • Pesticides and insecticides
    • Antibiotics
    • Anti-convulsive medications
    • Acetaminophen
    • Caffeine

    As was noted more than a decade ago, the researchers again stated, “we don’t know what these background levels mean in terms of environmental or public health.”

    Yet, the sheer number and variety of contaminants are raising concerns among scientists. At the US Geological Survey, for instance, …

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